CryoWest Through the Years

1984: John Wolfe started working for companies in Silicon Valley’s emerging semiconductor industry.

1992: After 8 years of working for startups, John decided to launch Wolfe Engineering to meet the semiconductor industry’s increasing demand for short-lead-time semiconductor weldments.

2004: John decided to expand Wolfe’s product offerings to serve the cryogenics industry – another demanding industry that requires quick turnaround times.

2011: John decided to start his own cryogenic-only company, separate from Wolfe Engineering. This is when CryoWest was born.

2016: Wolfe Engineering was acquired by a leading worldwide manufacturing services company called Jabil.

2019: Jabil discontinued Wolfe and John saw the opportunity to go back after weldments in the semiconductor industry. He decided to launch a semiconductor division of CryoWest.

Today: CryoWest is the premier provider of cryogenic transfer equipment and other stainless-steel fabrications for many applications. John Wolfe, President of CryoWest, and his daughter and Company Vice President, Megan Guevara, will continue to run the company and serve customers for years to come.